Fighting for a More Sustainable and Resilient Future

Climate Change

We are in a global climate crisis, and Albany is no exception to the consequences. Albany has the power and opportunity to position itself as both a regional and state leader in climate policy and climate equity. The city of Albany has already established its strategic vision for Climate Action & Adaptation Plan, which can be found here. Albany’s recent pioneering efforts like the User Utility Tax (UUT) reform, which created funds for climate action programs, are initiatives that Albany Forward can get behind.

Our Commitment:

If elected to city council, we vow to ensure the ecological integrity of Albany, and push towards reducing the city’s carbon footprint. Additionally, we plan to be responsible land stewards of the waterfront and precious green spaces like Albany Hill. We commit to be mindful in acknowledging the legacy of the original land Indigenous stewards, whose descendants still interface and advocate for the protection of such spaces today.