Housing for Current and Future Albany Residents



California continues to experience a housing crisis, and Albany Forward is committed to addressing it.

The City Council recently approved the San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan, which provides a new framework for development along our city’s busiest roads. This plan promises to revitalize San Pablo Avenue by making it possible to build the housing and retail space we need. Read more about the San Pablo Specific Plan here. Albany Forward supports this plan.

Our Commitment:
As City Council members, we look forward to ensuring the San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan is implemented and refined to make our city more sustainable, resilient and inclusive. On Solano, we aim to create a more friendly environment for smart infill development that helps us meet our housing needs and provide a better main street for our residents. Finally, we will craft regulations that allow new homes to be created in Albany while maintaining the character of many of our neighborhoods and abiding by state law.