About Albany Forward

Robin López, John Miki and Nick Pilch are Albany Forward

Robin López, John Miki and Nick Pilch are teaming up to continue the fight against climate change, bring safety to our streets and make them more inviting for all, and work to make sure everyone has a place to live in Albany. With your help, we will make our transportation system more equitable, undertake the reforms needed to ensure economic and racial justice, and provide the community services and support Albany needs. 

We are all three community and civic leaders who care deeply about the city where we live. We look forward to building on the solid foundation of Albany’s many strengths, and collaborating with others in a City Council that is responsive to the concerns of all residents.

Call to Action

Please help move Albany Forward by taking action:

  • Join our mailing list and request a yard sign
  • Volunteer
  • Endorse Us
  • Donate to Albany Forward; and
  • Most important mark us your #1, 2, and 3 in your order of preference on your ballots

Albany Forward Supports Our First Responders and Measure K

Albany Forward slate supports our first responders. We endorse Measure K, which will allow our emergency responders to better serve our community. Read more about Measure K on the City's website

Ranked Choice Voting

Albany will be using ranked-choice voting in this election! Find out more at the City's website.