John is endorsed by:

Elected Officials

Preston Jordan, Mayor
Aaron Tiedemann, Vice Mayor
Peggy McQuaid, Council Member, Former Mayor
Rochelle Nason, Council Member, Former Mayor

Elizabeth Baker, Former Mayor
Michael Barnes
, Former Councilmember
Farid Javandel, Former Mayor
Robert Lieber, Former Mayor
Pete Maass, Former Mayor
Allan Maris, Former Mayor, Former School Board Trustee
Nick Pilch
, Former Mayor

Sara Hinkley, School Board President
Vonnie Davidson, School Board Trustee, Albany Inside Out Co-Founder
Brian Doss, School Board Trustee
Kim Trutane, Former Albany School Board President
Patricia Low, Former Albany School Board President

Rigel Robinson, Berkeley City Council Member
Terry Taplin, Berkeley City Council Member
Paul Fadelli, El Cerrito Council Member
Tessa Rudnick
, El Cerrito Council Member
Dan Kalb, Oakland Council Member
Jovanka Beckles, AC Transit Ward 1


  Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus of Alameda County denounces Racist  Fox News Programming — Foundation for Filipina Women's Network

            #1 ranked
California League of Conservation Voters - Crunchbase Company Profile &  Funding         Prop. 15 will CUT Taxes for Homeowners — Evolve California - Parkbench

Citizens for Albany Shoreline

Planning and Zoning Commission

Nick Pilch, Chair
Ian MacLeod
, Vice Chair
Mohammad Momin
David Arkin
, Former Chair

Transportation Commission

Ken McCroskey, Chair
Robert del Rosario
Farid Javandel
Zhuojian (Nelson) Peng
Harry Chomsky
, Former
Lubov Mazur, Former

Parks, Recreation & Open Space Commission

Brian Beall, Chair
Chris Kent
, Vice Chair
Julia Chang Frank
, also Voter Choice Albany Co-founder
Bryan Marten
Julia Price
Britt Tanner
, Former Chair

Social and Economic Justice Commission

Jim Lindsay, Chair
Robin López
Flor Elizabeth Rios

Greg Downs
, Former, and member of the Community Task Force on Policing
Bart Grossman, Former

Climate Action Committee

Eric Larson
Nick Peterson
Max Wei
, Former Chair
Tom Cooper, Former Chair

Charter Review Committee

Kyle Bowman, Chair
Harry Chomsky
Robert Outis
, Former

Community Media Access Committee

Ross Stapleton-Gray, Chair
Charles Newton

Financial Advisory Committee

Judy Kerr, Financial Advisory Committee

Community Leaders

Vonnie Davidson, Albany Inside Out Co-Founder
Eveline Shen, Voter Choice Albany Co-Founder
Amy Smolens, Albany Inside Out Co-Founder
Andrew Tang, Voter Choice Albany Co-Founder
Ellen Toomey
, Albany FilmFest Co-Founder

Community Members

Brigid (Kennedy) Acuña
Laura Allen
Jan Ambrosini
Christy Baty
Tish Berlin
Momoko Campbell
Ron Campbell
Helene Class
Brooke Dubose
Abraham Elterman
Anne Goess
Kevin Goess
Margie Groeninger
Joseph Heidebrecht

Lori Hendrickson
Chris Hopkins
Michelle Hort
Cathy Huyen Tra
Dan Johnson
Dennis Keller
Tamara Keller
Rebecca Long
Mattison Ly
Christina Sun-Joo Lee
Cynthia Mah
Ali Mansour,
Owner of Chez Mansour
Jennifer Mitchell
Alison Moore
Kirsten Negus
Sylvia Paull
Michael Primmer
Aaron Priven
Jesse Ragent
Stephanie Regni
Sherie Reineman
Albert Reinhardt
Carol Schumacher
Sokviro Sem
Neo Serafamidis
Ramesh Shrestha
Soo Sim
Jonathan Slack
Zack Sultan
Samon Vong
Céline Wallace
Margo Wecksler
David Wemmer
Buddy Williams
Lucinda Young
Gjergji Zyba
Sarah Zyba

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